Julien Bachmann

Bahmann JProfessor of Laser Chemistry and Laser Materials Science

Saint Petersburg State University, Institute of Chemistry, Chair of Chemistry and Laser Materials Science
Universitetsii Prospekt 26
198504 St.Petersburg, Russia

(+7) 9219346566
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Born on 3/30/1978 in Biel (CH) — Swiss citizen — married, three children

Native French speaker, fluent in English and German

ISI ResearcherID: G-4381-2011;
ORCID: 0000-0001-6480-6212

Academic Curriculum

since 9/2017

Saint Petersburg State University (Saint Petersburg, RUS), Institute of Chemistry, Chair of Laser Chemistry and Laser Materials Science

Full Professor (secondary appointment)

since 7/2017

University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (Erlangen, D), Chemistry Department

Full Professor (W3) of Thin Film Materials Chemistry


University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (Erlangen, D), Chemistry Department

Associate Professor (W2) of Inorganic Chemistry


University of Hamburg (Hamburg, D), Physics Department

Junior Professor (W1)


University of Hamburg, Physics Department

Senior scientist with Prof. K. Nielsch


Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics (Halle, D)

Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow with Prof. U. Gösele


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, USA), Chemistry Department

Ph. D. student with Prof. D. G. Nocera
Doctor of Philosophy in Inorganic Chemistry, 2006


University of Lausanne (Lausanne, CH), Chemistry Department Undergraduate student — Diploma thesis with Prof. C. Floriani

Diplôme de chimiste, 2001


2017 Outstanding Reviewer Award for Nanotechnology, Institute of Physics

2015 Consolidator grant, European Research Council

2013 Starting grant, Cluster of Excellence ‘Engineering of Advanced Materials’, Erlangen

Teaching prizes, University of Hamburg Physics Department:
  • 2012 First prize in the category “Advanced lectures”
  • 2011 First prizes in “Advanced lectures” and in “Introductory lectures”
  • 2010 First prize in “Advanced lectures”, second prize in “Introductory lectures”
  • 2009 Second prize in “Advanced lectures”

2010 Zweite Mitgliedschaft in the Chemistry Department, University of Hamburg

2009 Bestätigung der Lehrbefähigung in Experimentalphysik, University of Hamburg

2006 Humboldt Research Fellowship, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

2005 Morse travel grant, MIT Chemistry Department

2005 Bruker/MIT Symposium poster prize, MIT Chemistry Department

2002 Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student, MIT Chemistry Department

2002 Syngenta Monthey Prize, University of Lausanne

2001 Presidential Fellowship, MIT

2000 Louis Pelet Prize, University of Lausanne

1999 Faculty Prize, University of Lausanne

International Visibility and Board Activity

Advisory board, Nanotechnology (Institute of Physics)

Starting 2017: Member of the scientific council at Saint Petersburg State University (RUS) representing chemistry

Editorial board, Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (InTech Open)

Member of the 2014 'PRIME' selection board for the DAAD

Guest Editor for Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology Thematic Series ‘Energy conversion applications of atomic layer deposition’, 2013-2014

Organization of the symposium ‘Energy conversion applications of atomic layer deposition’, Spring Meeting of the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS), Strasbourg (F), May 2013

Workshop ‘Contacts to and within molecules’, University of Hamburg, September 2012

Third-Party Funding — 3.9 M€ Total Secured since 2008


‚Catalytic and electrochemical release of solar energy stored in strained organic compounds‘: DFG proposal submitted by JB, J. Libuda and C. Papp (FAU)

total volume: 516.7 k€ / 3 years (submitted)


C3DS — ‚Chemistry for 3D spintronics‘: DFG-AND proposal submitted by O. Fruchart (Spintec, Grenoble, coordinator on the French side), W. Ensinger (TU Darmstadt) and JB (coordinator on the German side)

total volume JB: 209.7 k€ / 3 years (submitted)

NANO-B-HIVE — ‚Nanomaterials for buildings with high-value environmental features‘: Cooperative COST action project submitted to the EU; JB is secondary proposer

(primary proposer: E. Marcocic, European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance) submitted


‚Synthesis and functional characterization of structured magnetic nanowires‘: Cooperative project between FAU and CNRS laboratory Spintec (Grenoble, F) to be funded by Bayerisch-Französisches Hochschulzentrum; coordinator: JB

total volume: 2.5 k€ / 1 year (funded)


‚Investigation of geometric effects in ordered arrays of silicon nanotubes as lithium ion battery negative electrode materials‘: Proposal of a DFG regular project

total volume: 302.7 k€ / 3 years (submitted)


‚Three-dimensional nano-architectured electrode coupled to molecular cocatalysts for photo-electrochemical energy conversion‘: Cooperative project between FAU and Université Paris Sud (F) funded by BayerischFranzösisches Hochschulzentrum; coordinator: JB

total volume JB: 4.4 k€ / 2 years (funded)


‚Preparation and investigation of water oxidation electrodes based on Ru nanoparticles in a carbonaceous matrix‘ / ‚ Creation and investigation of highly ordered 3D-electrodes decorated by multimetallic nanoparticles for applications in electrocatalysis‘: Proposals for a student exchange with Saint Petersburg State University funded by the German-Russian Interdisciplinary Science Center (G-RISC)

total volume: 2.6 k€ (funded)


PEC-ALD — ‚Photoelectrochemically active i-p junctions by atomic layer deposition‘: DAAD project for cooperation with France (with CINAM in Marseille)

total volume: 11.7 k€ / 2 years (funded)


Collaboration agreement with the R&D company IMRA Europe, Sophia-Antipolis (F)

total volume JB: 10.0 k€ / 0.5 years (funded)


‚Characterization of phase behaviour and surface chemistry of water oxidation electrode surfaces‘ / ‚Preparation and investigation of multimetallic electrocatalytically active surfaces with accurately defined nanoporous geometry‘: Proposals for a student exchange with Saint Petersburg State University funded by the German-Russian Interdisciplinary Science Center (G-RISC)

total volume: 2.2 k€ (funded)


SOLACYLIN — ‚A preparative approach to geometric effects in innovative solar cell types based on a nanocylindrical structure‘: ERC Consolidator Grant, single PI

total volume: 1938.7 k€ / 5 years (funded)


‚Fundamentals of electrocatalysis for physicists and chemists‘: Proposal for JB's visit to Saint Petersburg State University funded by the GermanRussian Interdisciplinary Science Center (G-RISC)

total volume: 0.7 k€ (completed)


‚Engineering of a photoelectrochemically active i-p interface‘: Cooperative project between FAU and CNRS 'Center for Interdisciplinary Nanoscience of Marseille' (F) funded by Bayerisch-Französisches Hochschulzentrum ; coordinator: JB

fraction JB: 3.9 k€ / 1 year (completed)


EAM Starting Grant From the DFG Cluster of Excellence ‘Engineering of Advanced Materials’, Erlangen

total volume JB: 100 k€ / 1.5 years (completed)


CSC predoctoral scholarship secured for Jing Cao from Beijing (PRC)


‘Organometallic complexes as electrode materials’: Startup funding from the Herta u. Helmut Schmauser-Stiftung for a common project with Prof. Romano Dorta (FAU inorganic chemistry)

total volume: 4.1 k€ (completed)


ENHYC — ‚Enzymatic H2 conversion at electrodes of large specific surface area‘: DAAD project for cooperation with France (with IEMM in Montpellier)

fraction JB: 7.8 k€ / 2 years (completed)


TubulAir — ‚Schlüsseltechnologien für eine kostengünstig zu fertigende, mikrotubuläre Redox Flow-Batterie mit gesteigerter Leistungs- und Energiedichte’: BMBF cooperative project coordinated by HAW Hamburg. Partners: HAW Hamburg, FAU, UHH, RWTH Aachen, FumaTech GmbH, Uniwell GmbH

fraction JB: 484.8 k€ / 5 years (funded)


M3d — ‚Materials for a Magnetic Memory in Three Dimensions‘: EU FP7 cooperative project, coordination by CNRS Institut Néel in Grenoble (F); Partners: Institut Néel, FAU, Cambridge University (UK), UHH, Synchrotron Soleil (F)

fraction JB: 364.9 k€ / 3 years (completed)


‚Anbindung katalytischer Enzyme an nanoporöse Membranen‘: Bilateral project funded via the city partnership between Hamburg and Dar es Salaam

total volume JB: 4.5 k€ / 1 year (completed)


‚Key Technologies for Sustainable Energy Systems in Smart Grids’: Graduate school (UHH Chemistry & Physics, HAW Hamburg) financed by the Wissenschaftsstiftung Hamburg

fraction JB: 297 k€ / 3 years (completed)


DAAD predoctoral fellowship secured for Grisell Reyes Rios from Mexico City (MEX) 2010 Collaboration agreement with the R&D company IMRA Europe, Sophia-Antipolis (F)

total volume JB: 20.5 k€ / 1.5 years (completed)


C1-REM — Graduate school ‚C1 chemistry for resource and energy management’: Cooperative project of 13 groups at UHH (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Wood Science), TU Hamburg-Harburg, HAW Hamburg, and Hamburgisches WeltWirtschaftsInstitut, supported by the Landesexzellenzinitiative (LExI)

fraction JB: 64.8 k€ / 3.5 years (completed)


Excellence cluster ‚Nano-spintronics’: Cooperative project of UHH Chemistry and Physics supported by LExI

fraction JB: 123.7 k€ / 3.5 years (completed)


EchemTE — ‚Optimierung elektrochemisch abgeschiedener thermoelektrischer Filme’: Cooperative project of UHH Physics, UHH Chemistry, and Fraunhofer IPM in Freiburg, supported by the BMBF (Program WING); JB coordinated the proposal redaction

fraction UHH Physics:398 k€ / 3 years (completed)


DAAD predoctoral fellowship secured for Yuen Tung Chong from Hong Kong (PRC)


Postdoctoral fellowships requested by JB from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and FNS: support granted by both, Humboldt fellowship chosen

Abbreviations: DFG, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (D); ANR, Association nationale de la recherche (F); FNS, Schweizer Nationalfonds (CH); DAAD, Deutscher Akademischer AustauschDienst (D); CSC, China Scholarship Council; BMBF, Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (D).

Reviewing Activity

For funding agencies:

  • European Commission, FET-OPEN
  • Schweizer Nationalfonds (CH)
  • Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Vlaanderen (B)
  • Agence Nationale de la Recherche (F)
  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (D)
  • Academy of Finland (FIN)

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