Macromolecular Compounds Chemistry

Head of the Department

Alexander Yu. Bilibin, Prof., Dr. Sci.

Address: Universitetskii pr. 26, Petergof, Saint-Petersburg, 198504, Russia

Room 3219

Phone: +7 (812) 428 68 48

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      Alexander Yu. Bilibin      12_Image001_ch00     

Doctor of Chemical Sciencies, Professor, Head of Department of Macromolecular Compounds

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Research Areas:

• Polymeric materials for tissue engineering and cell cultivation, such as the formation of dermal equivalent (artificial skin) for substitution treatment of extensive wounds and burns.
• Development of formation of micro-and nanoparticles to create on their basis prolonged forms of drugs.



Nina S. Domnina

Ph.D, Associated Professor

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Research Areas:

• Polymeric forms of biologically active substances, which are used as anti-oxidants, as well as compounds with bactericidal or fungicidal properties.

 Ivan Mikhailovich Zorin g8965     bilayer01  vesicle01  

Ph.D, Associated Professor

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Research Areas:

·         Development of methods of forming of nanostructured polymer systems from the layer-organized nanoparticles to controlled hydrogels using various types of chemical interactions (covalent, ionic, hydrophobic, etc.) capable to reversible adsorption of biologically active substances and medicaments.


In 1928, the Laboratory of Synthetic Rubber was founded at the Leningrad University by famous academician Sergey V. Lebedev who invented the first industrial synthetic rubber production process. In 1944 the Laboratory received the status of sub-department (chair) of Chemical Faculty.

Professors S.N. Danilov, A.I. Yakubchik, B.I. Tikhomirov, V.S. Ivanov and A.Yu. Bilibin (since 1990) headed the Department.


In the last ten years (2004 - 2013) teaching staff of the Department graduated 100 highly educated chemists (specialists, bachelors and masters of chemistry). Nine PhDs and one Professor of Science defended theses and received their degree as the result of research work during the decade. Professors of the Section deliver a set of lectures on different branches of polymer science. Besides auditorium activity, students have laboratory practice and make scientific research projects.

Common courses

  • Chemistry of macromolecular compounds (for all students of the Chemistry Department)
  • Chemistry and physics of macromolecular compounds
  • Theoretical bases of chemical technology
  • Functional properties of polymers
  • Polymer and composite materials

Special courses

  • Polymer solutions
  • Physical-chemical methods for polymer investigation
  • Polymer synthesis
  • Basics of physical chemistry of polymers
  • NMR spectroscopy in chemistry
  • Chemistry of polymers
  • Radiation and photochemistry of polymers
  • Separation and purification methods
  • Synthesis and chemical transformations of polymers
  • Chemical material science
  • Theoretical base of organic chemistry
  • Courses for master students
  • Polymer synthesis
  • Synthesis and chemical transformation of polymers
  • Radiation and photochemistry of polymers
  • Methods for polymer investigation (practicum)
  • Polymers for biology and medicin
  • Chemical material science
  • Aging and stabilization of polymers
  • Industrial methods of polymer manufacturing
  • Untraditional methods of polymer synthesis


The most of departments’ researchers are involved in interdisciplinary projects. Apart from polymer chemistry and physics, they do applied studies allied to biology, medicine, engineering, colloid and physical chemistry. The current fields of research include:

Polymer immobilized bioactive compounds (e.g. antioxidants) for cardio surgery, fungicide and bactericide for plant protecting systems etc.

Biocompatible and biodegradable polymer materials for drug delivery systems, cell cultivation for tissue engineering, wound protecting agents etc.

Nanostructured polymer systems: layer structured nanoparticles, stimuli responsive gels, polyelectrolyte surfactant complexes and other systems based on various chemical interactions (covalent, hydrophobic, ionic etc.).

Methods and Equipment

AFM (Veeco Nanoscope V)

GPC/SEC (Shimadzu LC-20)

UV-Vis (Shimadzu UV-1700 & UV-1800)

Material Mechanical Properties (Shimadzu EZ-Test)

Measurements of solution viscosity and conductivity

Besides, researchers and students are granted access to the brand-new instruments located in Resource Centers of SPbU (NMR, thermal methods – DSC, TGA, TVA, Electronic microscopy and many others).

Recent Publications

  1. Andreeva, L.N., Shcherbinina, T.M., Zorin, I.M., Bezrukova, M.A., Bushin, S.V., Bilibin, A.Yu. – Molecular, conformational, and optical characteristics of poly(dodecylammonium-2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonate) in organic solvents // Polymer Science - Series A 2013 V. 55 (5) , pp. 289-294
  2. Bilibin, A.Yu., Sukhanova, T.M., Kondratenko, Yu.A., Zorin, I.M. – N-Alkyl ammonium 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonates: Synthesis, properties, and polymerization // Polymer Science - Series B 2013 V. 55 (1-2), pp. 22-30
  3. Bilibin, A.Y., Sukhanova, T.M., Matuschkin, N.I., Mel'Nikov, A.B., Zorin, I.M. – Polymerization of dodecylammonium-2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonate in solvents with different dielectric constants and study of the resulting ionic complexes // Macromolecular Symposia 2012 V. 317-318 (1), pp. 160-168
  4. Yazhgur, P.A., Akent'Ev, A.V., Bilibin, A.Yu., Zorin, I.M., Noskov, B.A. – Dynamic surface properties of sodium N-acryloyl-11-amimoundecanoate and poly(sodium N-acryloyl-11-aminoundecanoate) // Colloid Journal 2012, V. 74 (6), pp. 743-750
  5. Vlasov, P.S., Sergeeva, O.Yu., Domnina, N.S., Chukicheva, I.Yu., Buravlev, E.V., Kuchin, A.V. – Macromolecular antioxidants based on polysaccharides and 2,6-diisobornyl-4-methylphenol derivatives // Chemistry of Natural Compounds 2012 V. 48 (4), pp. 531-534
  6. Pinaev, G.P., Shved, Yu.A., Kukhareva, L.V., Blinova, M.I., Bilibin, A.Yu., Zorin, I.M., Goryukhina, O.A. – Method for preparation of resorbable polylactide matrix for cell cultivation and implantation intended for wound healing // Patent of Russian Federation N 2464987 (07.04.2011)
  7. Filippov, S.K., Porsch, B., Sergeeva, O.Yu., Olifirenko, A.S., Lesnichin, S.B., Domnina, N.S., Komarova, E.A., Lezov, A.V., Gamarus, V.M., Walterova, Z., Štepanek, P. – Molecular properties of hybrid macromolecular antioxidants: Dextran hydrophobically modified by sterically hindered phenols // European Physical Journal E 2011, V. 34 (11), art. no. 123