Research Groups

Department of General and inorganic chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry of Electrolyte Solutions

Research team

The leader of the group – Dr. Mikhail Yu. Skripkin, Associate Professor, Docent

  • Dr., Professor Kim A. Burkov
  • Dr. Andrei G. Kudrev, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Lyubov A. Myund, Senior Researcher
  • Dr. Olga N. Pestova, Associate Professor
  • Under- and Post-graduate students


  • Research team of Dr. Vladinir V. Sizov (Physical Chemistry Department) – molecular dynamics simulation of the structure of electrolyte solutions; quantum-chemical study of complex compounds formation in solutions;
  • Research team of Dr. Andrei S. Mereshchenko (Laser Chemistry Department) – photochemistry and photophysics of the solutions of transition metals salts;
  • Research team of Dr. Vladimir A. Kochemitovskiy (Laser Chemistry Department) – optimization of the compositions for laser-induced precipitation of metal micro- and nanostructures.

International cooperation

  • INE KIT (Institute of Nuclear Waste Disposal, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) – complexation of lanthanide and actinide ions in solutions;
  • University of Tehran – synthesis and characterization of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs);
  • Institute of Chemical Pharmaceutics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences – vibrational spectroscopy of complex compounds in solutions and solids;
  • University of Enchelada (Mexica) – synthesis and characterization of nanostructures from solutions.