Research Groups

Department of Quantum Chemistry

Quantum chemistry of the nanostructures: electron, vibrational and thermodynamic properties of the nanolayers, nanotubes, nanowires and nanoribbons

Members of the Group

Head of the group — Evarestov Robert Alexandrovich, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, head of Quantum Chemistry Department. Lab. 1153


  • Bandura Andrei Vilovich, PhD, associate professor, room 1156;
  • Panin Andrei Ivanovich, PhD, associated professor, room 1154;
  • Porsev Vitaliy Veniaminovich, PhD, associate professor, room 1156;
  • Lukyanov Sergey Ivanovich, PhD, senior research fellow, room 1156;
  • Kuruch Dmitry Dmitryevich, research engineer, room 1154.

Students and PhD students

  • Kovalenko Aleksei Valer'evich, PhD student
  • Sapova Maria Dmitryevna, 4-year undergraduate student
  • Domnin Anton Vladimirovich, 4-year undergraduate student
  • Pavlovskii Vladimir Vladimirovich, 4-year undergraduate student

Collaboration with Russian and International groups

  • Max Planck Institut für Festkörperforschung,  Stuttgart, Germany. Prof. Joahim Maier, Head of Chemistry Department;
  • Institute of Solid State physics, University of Latvia, Riga. Prof. Eugene Kotomin, Head of Theoretical Department, Prof. Yourii Zhukovskis and Sergei Piskunov, Theoretical Department