Research Groups

Department of Chemical thermodynamics and kinetics

Critical phenomena and processes in multicomponent heterogeneous systems with chemical interaction

Group members

Team leader – Toikka Maria Alexandrovna, Ph.D., Associate Professor

  • Trofimova Maya Aleksandrovna, Ph.D., Associate Professor;
  • Samarov Artemiy Andreevich, Ph.D., Senior Researcher Scientist;
  • Golikova Alexandra Dmitrievna, Ph.D. Student;
  • Sadayeva Anna Anatolyevna, Ph.D. Student;
  • Vernadskaya Victoria Alexandrovna, Student;
  • Trofimova Dariya Vyacheslavovna, Student;
  • Sadaev Alexey Anatolyevich, Student;
  • Podryadova Kristina Andreevna, Student;
  • Senina Alina, Student.