Research Groups

Department of Solid state chemistry


Group members

The head of the group – Professor, Ph. D. Smirnov Vladimir

The group

  • Zemtsova E. G.Ph. D.; associate Professor
  • Arbenin A.Yu., Ph. D.; senior scientific.
  • Sidorov Yu.V., Ph. D.; researcher
  • Morozov P. E., chief engineer;
  • Ponomarev A. N., graduate student (research engineer);
  • Mironov V. S., postgraduate student (research engineer);
  • Mironov V. S., postgraduate student (research engineer);
  • Nazarov D. V., postgraduate student (research engineer);
  • Yurchuk D. V., research engineer;
  • Galiulina L. F., student (laboratory researcher);
  • Orekhov E. V., student (laboratory researcher);
  • Solohin A. Yu., student (laboratory researcher).

Research group carries out joint work with the staff of the Department of analytical chemistry: Professor D., PhD. Semenov V. G. and assistant Professor, PhD. Panchuk V. V. (joint articles, conference presentations).

Joint work is carried out by staff of the faculty of mathematics and mechanics (Department of elasticity theory (prof. Morozov N. F.); with the Laboratory of mechanics of bulk (massive) nanomaterials (professor Valiev R. Z.); and Institute of Cytology RAS. (associate professor, Ph. D.). Shevtsov M.)