Chemical Thermodynamics & Kinetics

Thermodynamic and kinetic investigations of nanostructured systems and materials

Thermodynamics and kinetics of the processes in high-temperature oxide systems. Thermochemical investigations, X-ray phase analysis and X-ray diffraction analysis. Kinetics of solid state reactions. Phase equilibria and phase diagrams of solid state oxide systems. Synthesis and investigation of functional properties of nanostructured systems. Layered structures (Ruddlesden-Popper phases, Aurivillius phases, Dion-Jacobson phases): directed synthesis and mutual transformations. Catalytic properties of layered oxides, catalytic photochemical reactions. Development of new catalysts for photo-induced catalytic processes.

Critical phenomena and processes in multicomponent heterogeneous systems with chemical interaction

General problems of thermodynamics. Experimental and theoretical investigation of heterogeneous equilibria in multicomponent systems including systems with chemical reactions. Vapour-liquid systems, liquid-liquid systems, vapour-liquid-liquid systems. Critical state. Thermodynamics of coupled processes. Critical phenomena in systems with chemical reactions. Development of the theory of thermodynamic stability and its application for investigation of the processes in heterogeneous systems of different physico-chemical nature. Development of the theory of thermodynamic of irreversible processes.

Thermodynamics and kinetics of membrane and reactive mass-exchange processes

Thermodynamics and kinetics of membrane processes, experimental and theoretical investigation of pervaporation (evaporation through the membrane). Other membrane processes: vapour separation and gas separation, ultrafiltration. Hybrid and coupled processes including stages of membrane separation. Synthesis and physico-chemical properties of new membrane materials, i. a. materials on the basis of polymer composites and nanocomposites. Analysis and modeling of transmembrane mass-transfer on the basis of non-equilibrium thermodynamics.