Chemical Thermodynamics & Kinetics

Founders of Chemical Thermodynamics Scientific School of St. Petersburg State University

  • Prof. Konovalov Dmitriy Petrovich (1878-1907 at the University), regular member (academician) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) (1923)
  • Prof. Vrevskiy Mihail Stepanovich (1890-1929 at the University), Corresp. Member of the RAS (1929).
  • Prof. Storonkin Aleksey Vasil'evich (1935-1994 at the University), founder and Head of the Department of the Theory of Solutions (1951, in 1978 renamed as Department of Chemical Thermodynamics & Kinetics), Dr. Sci. (Chemistry), Emeritus Person in Science and Engineering of the Russian Federation, State Scientific Prize winner (1951). Among his students: Prof. A.I.Rusanov and Prof. M.M.Shultz, academicians of the Russian Academy of Science, Prof. N.A.Smirnova, corresponding member of the RAS, Professors V.K.Filippov, N.P.Markuzin, A.G.Morachevskiy, M.P.Susarev, V.T.Zharov.

Principal publications of the founders of the Chemical Thermodynamics Scientific School

  • Konovalov D.P. On the Vapor Pressure of Solutions, Leningrad, 1928.
  • Vrevskii M.S. Papers on the Theory of Solutions, Moscow-Leningrad, 1953.
  • Storonkin A.V. On Thermodynamic Equilibrium of Multicomponent Systems, Leningrad, 1948.
  • Storonkin A.V. Thermodynamics of Heterogeneous Systems, Leningrad, P. 1-2, 1967; P. 3, 1969.


A.Storonkin "Uber die Gleichgewichtsbedingungen in Zweiphasen-systemen mit vielen Komponenten", 1940


A.Storonkin, On thermodynamic equilibrium of multicomponent systems, 1948

Storonkin A

Professor A.V. Storonkin, 1950


A.Storonkin, Thermodynamics of Heterogeneous Systems, P. 1-2, 1967


A.Storonkin, Thermodynamics of Heterogeneous Systems, P. 3, 1969

Markuzin N

Professor N.P. Markuzin

Susarev MP

Professor M.P. Susarev

Filippov VK

Professor V.K. Filippov

Shultz M

Academician M.M. Shultz