Solid State Chemistry

Research Activity

  • Synthesis and study of transport features of solid electrolytes in crystalline and nanostructured states with the aim to make up novel generation of electrochemical sensors and devises.
  • Discovering a nature of electrical charge carriers within glassy and nanoglassceramic arrays.
  • Development of nanocomposite coverings for photoelectrodes, supercapacitors, electrochromic displays and fuel cells.
  • Computer simulation of nanoionics materials crystallization processes within carbon nanotubes. Study of dynamic features of ionic transfer in superionic composite conductors by the method of molecular dynamics.
  • Development of production techniques of novel generation composite materials on the base of ceramic and metallic arrays nanostructured by carbide nanowires.
  • Development of synthesis techniques of nanodispersed silica arrays for immobilization of bioactive agents, in particular for drug target delivery.
  • Development of novel approaches to control of photovoltaic structures properties for Solar power engineering.
  • Development of novel technologies of structures production for main memory and logics elements.
  • Developing of automated technologic plants for production of multilayer dielectric and semiconductor films by molecular layering technique =atomic layer deposition (ALD).