Analytical Chemistry

General information

Like all university departments Department of Analytical Chemistry has a mixed structure of academic and research units which are consolidated by a common management and staff combining educational and research functions. Department of Analytical Chemistry is structured into separate scientific-and-educational groups according its interests. The group membership is periodically updated via bachelors, masters and PhD students.

Permanent contingent of scientific-and-educational groups ensure the fulfillment of department curriculum at all levels: general and special lecturing, holding classes in general and special workshops. In addition to the permanent scientific staff Department of Analytical Chemistry consists of educational lab, which includes teaching-and-support staff of the department.

General Fields of Research Projects

  • Separation methods and Hy-Phenated methods of analysis
  • Spectral methods of analysis
  • Automation of chemical analysis based on flow methods
  • Electrochemical methods of analysis and membrane separation

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