Medical Chemistry:

In 2022 in Institute of Chemistry a new Department, namely, the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, was established by merging the Department of Chemistry of Natural Compounds, the Interdepartmental Laboratory of Biomedical Chemistry and the Laboratory of Biohybrid Technologies. Tatiana Borisovna Tennikova, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor, Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation was elected as Head of the Department. The Department includes specialists in organic synthesis of small medicinal molecules, synthesis and application of polymers for biomedical purposes, molecular and cellular biology.

The main areas of scientific activity of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry

  • Design of biologically active substances;
  • Nature-based scaffold-oriented synthesis;
  • Multicomponent reactions;
  • Development of systems for targeted delivery and controlled release of small biologically active molecules;
  • Encapsulation of biopharmaceuticals and delivery to biological targets;
  • Construction of biomimetic scaffolds for tissue engineering;
  • Obtaining of biohybrids for targeted delivery of various drug compounds.

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Laboratory for Synthesis of Bioactive Small Molecules

Laboratory of Biohybrid Technologies

Laboratory of Biomaterials