Solid State Chemistry

koll kaf 

The main point in the academic activity is to train the modern chemists, research workers in the field of solid state chemistry and materials science. At present time three academic levels are available for students:

  1. specialist’s degree takes five academic years to complete,
  2. bachelor’s degree takes four years,
  3. master’s degree takes two years (a bachelor degree is a prerequisite).

The department trains post-graduate students (candidate of sciences degree takes 3 years).

Development of a physico-chemical base for inorganic materials science is one of the main directions of the research activity. Other directions are a chemical design and a study of crystalline, amorphous and nanostructured materials for various purposes.

Academic activity

Student can choose one from two training directions: “Chemistry” or “Chemistry, physics, and mechanics of materials”. Lecturers give about 50 courses. Among them are “Introduction to the materials science”, ”Nanotechnology of molecular layering”, Nanomaterials for medicine”, “Photoelectrochemistry and heterogeneous photocatalysis”, “Nanoparticles: synthesis and properties”, “Applied solid state ionics”, “Practicum in the information visualization for materials science”, “Smart materials”. Topics of lectures are incessantly renewed. For last 3 years 23 novel lecture courses were proposed. Now days all courses are given in Russian. However all lecturers speak English sufficiently.

Department Members

Research Activity

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