Elena V. Grachova

onh Grachova EV

Professor, Dr. Sci.
Division of General and Inorganic Chemistry
Office 3164

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Scopus ID 7801397654
WoS Researcher ID I-8110-2013
ORCID 0000-0003-4046-7708
SPIN 6425-6896

Institute of Chemistry, St Petersburg University
Universitetskii pr. 26,
198504 St. Petersburg, Russia

Elena is a specialist in the field of coordination and supramolecular chemistry of transition metals with an accent on the study of physicochemical properties of molecules and supramolecular systems. The investigations focus on problems of controlled synthesis of molecular systems of a pre-defined composition and the study of photophysical properties of molecular emitters and luminescent molecular materials.

She is developing coordination chemistry related to design of highly organized molecular systems of complex architecture for creation of new generation of functional super- and supramolecular systems using transition metal complexes as pre-organized “building blocks” for luminescent sensors, electroluminescent devices and devices for molecular electronics.