Oleg V. Levin

el Levin O

Doctor of Chemical Sciences

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tel. 007-812-4286900

Research areas

  • Organic and metalorganic batteries
  • Charge transfer processes in polymer films of metal complexes with Schiff bases
  • Double-layer and hybrid supercapacitors
  • Li-ion batteries

Prof. O. Levin became a permanent member of the department in 2010 after his work as a researcher in Li-ion Battery Department of Samsung SDI Company, South Korea. His research interests are connected with electrochemical power sources and polymeric metal complexes.

The projects carried out in his group are devoted to studies of cathode materials of a new type based on organic and metalorganic compounds. The aim of the research is to create cathode organic material based on π-conjugated polymers modified by functional groups with potentially high capacitance. The fundamental significance of such research is determined with elucidation of charge transfer mechanisms within the films possessing a mixed redox and conjugated conductivity.

He lectures on Electrochemistry for bachelor students and Electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries for master students, conducts laboratory works with students mastered the course of Electrochemistry, and supervises the students’ graduation projects.