Natalia A. Melnikova

htt Melnikova NAPh.D, Senior Researcher

Department of Solid State Chemistry, room 3006

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Phone: 007-812-4284105

Fields of Interest

Fast ionic conductors – synthesis, electrical properties and application, mechanochemical synthesis of conductive materials


  • Solid State Chemistry (Bachelor study, Institute of Chemistry, St. Petersburg State University)
  • Modern Methods of Synthesis of Solid Materials (Bachelor study, Institute of Chemistry, St. Petersburg State University)
  • Carbonic Nanomaterials (Bachelor study, Institute of Chemistry, St. Petersburg State University)
  • Solid State Chemistry 1 (Master study, Institute of Chemistry, St. Petersburg State University)

Selected Publications

  1. Petrov A.A., Melnikova N.A., Petrov A.V., Silyukov O.I., Murin I.V., Zvereva I.A. Experimental investigation and modelling of the Na+ mobility in NaLnTiO4  (Ln = La, Nd) ceramics (2017) Ceramics International, 43 (14), pp. 10861-10865.
  2. Glumov O.V., Bodnar V.A., Mel’nikova N.A., Yakobson V.E., Murin I.V. Electrical conductivity of potassium titanyl phosphate KTiOPO4  pure crystals and those doped with Na+, Rb+, and F ions (2017) Russian Journal of Electrochemistry, 53 (8), pp. 846-851.
  3. Postnov D.V., Postnov V.N., Murin I.V., Mel’nikova N.A., Novikov A.G. Nafion-based composite solid electrolytes containing carbon nanotubes (2016) Russian Journal of General Chemistry, 86 (4), pp. 890-893.
  4. Ermolenko Y., Kalyagin D., Alekseev I., Bychkov E., Kolodnikov V., Melnikova N., Murin I., Mourzina Y., Vlasov Y. New membrane material for thallium (I)-selective sensors based on arsenic sulfide glasses (2015) Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical, 207 (PB), pp. 940-944.
  5. Postnov D.V., Melnikova N.A., Postnov V.N., Semenov K.N., Murin I.V. Nafion-based nanocomposites with light fullerenes and their functionalized derivatives (2014) Reviews on Advanced Materials Science, 39 (1), pp. 20-24.
  6. Mel'nikova, N.A., Postnov, V.N., Glumov, O.V., Murin, I.V. Proton conductivity of composites based on Nafion and silica matrices with a chemically modified surface (2013) Russian Journal of Electrochemistry, 49 (7), pp. 676-679.
  7. Murin, I.V., Glumov, O.V., Mel'nikova, N.A. Solid electrolytes with predominant chloride conductivity (2009) Russian Journal of Electrochemistry, 45 (4), pp. 411-416.