Vadim P. Boyarskiy

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Date of Birth: Sept. 15th, 1964 (Leningrad, USSR)


  • 1986–1989 Leningrad Technological Institute, Leningrad, USSR. Ph.D., Technology of Organic Synthesis. Dissertation Title: Carbonylation of 5,6-Dichloroacenaphthene as a Method for 5,6-Acenaphthenedicarboxylic Acid Preparation (Professor Tatiana E. Zhesko)
  • 1981–1986 Leningrad State University, Leningrad, M.Sc., Physical Organic Chemistry. Thesis Title: Trichloromethyl Radical Selectivity in the Hydrogen Abstraction Reactions(Professor Aleksey S. Dneprovskii)

Professional Experiences

Since July 2010

Professor, Chemistry Dept., St. Petersburg State University, Russia.

Organic reactions, catalysed by transition metal complexes. Synthesis and investigation of acyclic diaminocarbene complexes.

01/2007-08/2007, 01/2008-02/2008, 06/2008-09/2008, 02/2009-09/2009,





Visitant Scientist, Max-Plank Institute of Biophysical Chemistry, Goettingen, Germany. Synthesis of fluorescent laser dyes on the base of rhodamines and carbopyronines.

Inviting Prof. – Prof. Dr. St. Hell (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2014).


Associated Professor, Chemistry Dept., St. Petersburg State University, Russia. Radical anion and free radical reactions, initiated by transition metals complexes. Polychlorobiphenyls (PCB’s) synthesis and degradation. Synthesis and reactivity of carbonyl compounds. Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds.

11/1998-11/1999 Postdoctoral Fellow with Prof. Sung Soo Kim, INHA University, Incheon, South Korea. Chemistry of peroxynitrous acid.
01/1997-11/1998 Associated Professor, Chemistry Dept., St. Petersburg State University, Russia. Stereoselectivity of free radical addition to triple bond.

Senior Scientist, Chemistry Dept., St. Petersburg State University, Russia.

Substitutients polar effect on the stage of chlorine atom transfer to benzyl radicals.


Scientist, VNIINeftekhim, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Preparation and investigation of alkyl cobalt carbonyls. Catalytic methoxycarbonylation of aryl and benzyl halide with cobalt complexes. Aryl or heteroaryl carboxylic compounds preparation. Phenol tar waste reduction.


  • "Homogeneous catalysis by metal complexes"
  • "Physical Organic Chemistry"
  • "Chemical bonding in organic and organometallic compounds"
  • "Theoretical foundations of chemical technology"
  • "Theoretical Foundations of Organic Chemistry"
  • "Reactivity of Organic Compounds"


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