Svetlana A. Katkova

foc Katkova SADepartment of Physical Organic Chemistry, room 4163

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Scientific Interests

Platinum group metals, reactivity of ligands, metal-mediated coupling, diaminocarbene complexes of metal, metal complex catalysis, light-emitting devices, cross-coupling reactions.

Current Grants, Awards and Prizes

  • Grant of the President of the Russian Federation “Directional design of crystalline forms of platinum group metal complexes luminescent with high quantum yields
  • Russian Science Foundation “Energy-saving materials based on highly effective luminescent complexes of platinum group metals” (17-73-10130)
  • Medal of the RAS for young scientists in the field of general and technical chemistry for the cycle of scientific papers "Molecular design of new catalysts for synthesis of functionalized organic compounds through cross-coupling reactions", 2016
  • The highest annual Saint Petersburg State University Award for distinguished scientific results, 2015

Selected Publications

  1. S.A. Katkova, M.A. Kinzhalov, A.S. Novikov, K.V.Luzyanin / Modulation of luminescent properties for [cyclometalated]-PtII(isocyanide) complexes upon co-crystallisation with halosubstituted perfluorinated arenes // New Journal of Chemistry. 2021. Vol. 45, Iss. 6. P. 2948-2952 (DOI 10.1039/D0NJ05457G, IF = 3.288).
  2. A.S. Mikherdov, S.A. Katkova, A.S. Novikov, M.M. Efremova, E.Y. Reutskaya, M. A. Kinzhalov / (Isocyano group)⋯lone pair interactions involving coordinated isocyanides: experimental, theoretical and CSD studies // CrystEngComm. 2020. Vol. 22. Iss. 7. P. 1466-8033 (DOI: 10.1039/C9CE01741K, IF = 3.117).
  3. S.A. Katkova, A.S. Mikherdov, M.A. Kinzhalov, A.S. Novikov, A.A. Zolotarev, V.P. Boyarskiy, V.Yu. Kukushkin / (Isocyano Group π‐Hole)···[dz2‐MII] Interactions at (Isocyanide)[MII] Complexes, where Positively Charged Metal Centers (d8-M = Pt, Pd) Act as Nucleophiles // Chemistry - A European Journal. 2019. Vol. 25, Iss. 36. P. 8590 – 8598 (DOI:10.1002/chem.201901187, IF = 4.857).
  4. S.A. Katkova, M.A. Kinzhalov, P.M. Tolstoy, A.S. Novikov, V.P. Boyarskiy, A.Yu. Ananyan, P.V. Gushchin, M. Haukka, A.A. Zolotarev , A.Yu. Ivanov, S.S. Zlotsky, V.Yu. Kukushkin / Diversity of Isomerization Patterns and Protolytic Forms in Aminocarbene PdII and PtII Complexes Formed upon Addition of N,N′-Diphenylguanidine to Metal-Activated Isocyanides // Organometallics. Vol. 36, Iss. 21. P. 4145-4159 (DOI: 10.1021/acs.organomet.7b00569, IF = 3.804).
  5. M.A. Kinzhalov, S.A. Timofeeva (Katkova), K.V. Luzyanin, V.P. Boyarskiy, A.A. Yakimanskiy, M. Haukka, and V.Yu. Kukushkin / Palladium(II)-Mediated Addition of Benzenediamines to Isocyanides: Generation of Three Types of Diaminocarbene Ligands Depending on the Isomeric Structure of the Nucleophile // Organometallics. 2016. Vol. 35. P. 218–228 (DOI: 10.1021/acs.organomet.5b00936, IF= 3.804).