Robert A. Evarestov

The chief of the division of quantum chemistry, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Honored Worker of Science of Russia, Active member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Foreign member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Humboldt professor.

Robert A. Evarestov is a graduate of the division of Theoretical Physics of the Department of Physics, his teachers are Prof. M.I. Petrashen and prof. M.G. Veselov who were the assistants of academician Vladimir A. Fock.

Robert A. Evarestov and his scientific group perform the research in the field of quantum chemistry of solid state. This relatively new area of science is interdisciplinary and lots of various methods of solid state physics, quantum chemistry and molecular symmetry of the theory of molecules and crystals are employed in the research works devoted to these scientific problems. Advanced computer programs are in use to calculate the electronic structure of crystals and their complex surfaces. Furthermore the latest computer technology - parallel computations on grid clusters - is applied.

The cyclic model of crystal which was proposed and studied extensively in the works of Robert A. Evarestov has found wide application in a number of scientific centers of Russia as well as abroad (France, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia). It were performed several dozen students' and a dozen master's theses under the direction of Robert A. Evarestov. He repeatedly went to a course of lectures abroad: Spain (1992), Japan (1993), Canada and the USA (1995), Switzerland (1998), Germany (1999), Italy (2001), France (2002) and others. Robert A. Evarestov's and his scientific group research were supported by the Russian Foundation for the four grants for Basic Research (2002, 1999, 1996, 1993). Robert A. Evarestov was awarded the first prize for the university monograph "Quantum chemistry methods in the theory of the solid state".

Robert A. Evarestov published nearly 200 scientific papers, including more than 80 in the prestigious international scientific journals, and 6 monographs. Monograph "Site Symmetry in Crystals: Theory and Applications" (R.A. Evarestov, V.P. Smirnov, Springer Verlag, 1993,1997) is written by order of German publishers Springer and published in two editions.

Moreover his book "Non-empirical crystals calculations in atomic basis (using Internet sites and parallel computing)" (A.V. Bandura, A. R. Evarestov, St. Petersburg University, 2004) is intended for students and graduate students who carry out crystals electronic structure calculations.

Scientific publications

  1. R. A. Evarestov. Trends in calculation of point and extended defects in wide-gap solids: periodic models of aperiodic systems. Phys. Stat. Sol(b) 202, 235-242 (2005).
  2. R. A. Evarestov, Computer and Systems Sciences vol. 187, Computational Materials Science (NATO Science Series, Series III) Ed. by R. Catlow and E. Kotomin, IOS Press,2003 p. 122-152.
  3. R. A. Evarestov, A. V. Bandura, E. N. Blokhin. The water adsorption on the surfaces of SrMO3 (M= Ti, Zr, and Hf) crystalline oxides: quantum and classical modelling. J. Phys.: Conf. Series, 2007, 93, 012001, p.1-10.