Research Groups

Laser Chemistry and Laser Material Sciences

Laser synthesis

Scientific interest is laser chemistry and materials science. Team of prof. Manshina proposed the idea and developed the scientific basis for creating complex multiphase nanomaterials by laser-induced self-organization processes. The novel approach is a one-step process based on the effect of laser irradiation at substrate/solution interface, resulting in the formation of hybrid nanostructures (metallic particles embedded in a carbonaceous matrix) of well-defined composition, morphology and structure on the surfaces of any type — transparent or opaque for laser radiation 2D or 3D substrates of any topology. The functionality of the deposited structures is changing from surface-enhanced Raman scattering, sensing technologies, to electro-catalysis and manipulation of light at the nanoscale thanks to variation of properties of the nanohybrids (composition, morphology and structure).