Solid State Chemistry

The department was founded by Corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences Professor Valentin Borisovich Aleskovskii in 1978. A history of the department is deeply rooted in 50-60-es of 20th Century. At that time in the University the classical studies in the condensed state chemistry have been fulfilled under leadership of outstanding Russian scientists R. L. Müller, A.N.Murin, S.M.Ariya et al.

Professor V.B.Aleskovskii, associate professor V.M.Smirnov, assistant professor V.P. Tolstoy, assistant professor V.N.Postnov, and Ph.D. in physics V.E.Drozd were the first lecturers. Initially the department was located in the old building of Research Institute of Physics in the yard of the University Main Building. In 1983 the department was moved to the new building of the chemical faculty in Peterhof.

Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences (former of the USSR Academy of Sciences) V.B.Aleskovskii was a head of the department from the first days of its existing. Since 1989 Honoured Science Worker Dr.Sci. in chemistry Professor I.V.Murin is the head of the Solid State Chemistry Department.