Organic Chemistry

The teaching staff of our department includes 11 full professors, 13 associated professors, 3 assistant professors and 2 assistants; At the department there are 14 Doctors of Science and 25 PhD’s. Undergraduate students attend lectures on general organic chemistry, synthetic (including chemistry of heterocyclic compounds and organometallics) and analytical organic chemistry. Almost every theoretical course is proceeding along with a number of practical works (general methods of synthetic organic chemistry, organometallics, analytical organic chemistry, physical methods of identification). Bachelors, specialists and masters can choose one of three trajectories to learn at: general and synthetic organic chemistry, analytical organic chemistry or spectrochemistry. Every year about 20 bachelors, specialists and masters graduate from our department. Every year 3 to 8 post-graduate students begin their PhD works at the department of organic chemistry; most of them successfully defend their PhD theses in three years.

The department’s modern spheres of scientific interest are based on a strong fundament of the classical works of great Russian chemists of the 19th and 20th century. First of all, among these the researches in chemistry of functionalized acetylenes and diacetylenes should be mentioned. These investigations were started by A.E. Favorsky, and nowadays they are continued in professor I.A. Balova’s research group. I.A. Dyakonov’s pioneering works in chemistry of diazocompounds, carbenes and strained cycles have found continuation and development in researches of professors R.R. Kostikov, A.P. Molchanov, V.A. Nikolaev, M.S. Novikov, L.L. Rodina, A.F. Khlebnikov and in works of their students. Professor B.V. Ioffe’s legacy in chemistry of hydrazines and heterocyclic compounds is elaborated in research groups of prof. M.A. Kuznetsov and of dozents P.S. Lobanov and V.V. Sokolov, and his achievements in the sphere of organic analytical chemistry are broadened by the work of professors I.G. Zenkevich and L.A. Kartsova.

Laboratory of Gas Chromatography

Gas and liquid chromatography, capillary electrophoresis, GC(LC)-MS analysis of complex mixtures of organic compounds, including investigation of natural and biological objects and pharmaceuticals.

Development of new ways of chromatographical and chromato-spectral identification of organic compounds, compilation of analytical parameters databases, chemometrics. Head-space GC analysis, physicochemical constants calculation. Application of HPLC, TLC, capillary zone electrophoresis, micellar electrokinetical chromatography for analysis and separation of biologically active compounds. Elaboration of new application of organic analysis for medical diagnostics purposes.

Laboratory of Spectrochemistry

Spectrochemistry of organic molecules and complexes in solutions of electrolytes and nonelectrolytes. Development of novel spectrochemical approaches to quantitative estimation of properties and structure of liquid molecular systems by IR and UV spectroscopy; spectrochemical and quantum-chemical investigation of composition and structure of solvate shells of organic dyes in individual or binary solvents; investigation of ions in binary organic solvents.

Department Members